Best Prank YouTube Channels in India 2021

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Here are the list of some of the best and top YouTube channels making prank videos in India with Subscriber details and the frequency of publishing video or creations.

List of Best Prank YouTube Channels in India

Note: Channels are sorted based on subscribers and selected based on activeness

ChannelContact EmailSubscribersFrequency
AVRPrankTVavrpranktvbusiness@gmail.com6.41 MillionBi-Monthly MillionBi-monthly
Suren Rangasranga2016@gmail.com2.64 MillionWeekly
Funk Youfunkyoubiz@gmail.com2.63 MillionWeekly
Sumit Cool Dubeysumitdubeyteam4u@gmail.com2.23 MillionWeekly
Trouble Seeker Teamtroubleseekerteam@gmail.com1.82 MillionWeekly
BR Bhaibrbdop@gmail.com1.48 MillionWeekly
That was Crazyshaukatshahid88@gmail.com1.47 MillionWeekly
Surbhi Rathorecontactsurbhirathore@gmail.com1.15 MillionWeekly
DreamBoy JaySurya – Teluguevolevolevol16@gmail.com1.02 MIllion Weekly
MOUZ PRANKmirzasahalbaig@gmail.com828K Bi-Monthly
HighStreet Junkieshighstreetbuzz1@gmail.com745KWeekly
NatKhat Shadycontact@natkhatshady.com661KWeekly
The Crazy Sumitaryansumit0707@gmail.com655kBi-Monthly
KULFI – Tamilbusinesskulfi@gmail.com648KWeekly
4-Minute Funalmamun7707@gmail.com638KWeekly
Prank Shalaprankshala04@gmail.com530KWeekly
PARESHAAN BOYSimmuimn@gmail.com439KWeekly
Prank Rushtheprankrush@gmail.com382KBi-monthly
A.J Ahsan a.jahsan2299@gmail.com261KBi-Monthly
Hit Pranksch.khizer2015@gmail.com226KWeekly
SSprankTV of Indiasaurabhsinghyoyoyo@gmail.com171KDaily
Table of Prank channels in India with Link and details
  • Updated as on 10th November 2021

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