How to start Medical Shop in India?

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Lets see how to start a medical shop in India How to become a Licensed Drug Seller by setting up a pharmacy in India.

The process involves

  1. Setting up necessary Infrastructure
    1. Physical Building with minimum dimensions 10 x 10 Sq.ft
    2. Room must be Air-Conditioned (AC Installed)
    3. Refrigerator with freezer & Partitioned racks either in cupboard, glass or steel racks for keeping medicines
  2. Setting up Documents: Affidavit, Possession Proof, Ownership Agreements, Site Plan or Blue Print,
  3. A registered Pharmacist with D.Pharm or higher studies
  4. Apply for Drug License to State Government through Prescribed mode (Online)
  5. Visit Drug Inspector Office with Application
  6. Inspection by Drug Inspectors on specified Date
  7. Approval Done.

Documents Needed

Here are the list of documents needed for Applying for registration for setting up a pharmacy store in Tamilnadu.

Building Ownership

  • Building Ownership proof or
  • Proof of possession of rights to occupy and use the building with an Agreement with shop building owner in case of lease

Building Details

  • Blue Print of Building from Engineer or
  • Site Plan

Business Ownership – Agreement Copy

Ownership Document of Business in case of Partnership or Single Proprietorship or Company tie-up with an Agreement Copy either registered or unregistered.

Address Proof of Owner along with Passport Size Photo

Registered Chemist or Pharmacist

It is essential for any type of pharmacy irrespective of operations to have at-least one registered pharmacist. Check out here to know more about the role of Registered Pharmacists and also for Registration of Pharmacists in India under state Pharmacy Councils or Union Body PCI. See this post for more information on how to Register or Apply as Registered Pharmacist in Tamil Nadu under Tamil Nadu Pharmacy Council .

Listing down documents needed are

  1. Pharmacy Council Registration certificate of Pharmacist with D.Pharm or B.Pharm or M.Pharm or Pharm.D Degrees.
  2. Appointment Letter of Pharmacist
  3. Affidavit of Pharmacist
  4. Aadhar and Photo of Pharmacist

Furniture Proof

  • Original Bill copy of AC and Refrigerator should be submitted along with application

In case if its old one, you should produce the working condition certificate from any registered local electrician.

Locality Proof

Proof of Panchayat Office or Municipality or Corporation

  • Proof of paying building tax to local government body like Panchayat, municipality or corporation along with Door Number.
  • Proof of Electricity connection

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