7 Different Types of Logo

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Today in this blog we are talking about different types of logos & this blog is really helping to decide which type of logo is suitable for your organization.

Did you know the logo is the first look of your organization? So you want to make a different & attractive logo design to create a unique identity for your organization. Now you want to create a logo but you don’t know-how, then we have the solution. We have 7 different types of logos Let’s talk about those types.

1. Monogram logo (Lettermarks)

Monogram or Lettermarks logos are created using initials of two or three words. If the organization’s name was International Business Machines then the logo of her organization is IBM, that’s the live example of Monogram logotype.

When your organization’s name was too long then a monogram is the best choice for your brand logo or identity mark.

2. Wordmarks

In the wordmark logo, you can use your organization name. In wordmark, they do not use initials they use the full name of the organization as a logo.

Wordmark is useful when your organization name is short like Google, Coca-Cola & visa etc.

3. Pictorial marks OR Logo Symbols

In Different types of logos, The pictorial mark was totally based on graphics & icons. That means they use only brand marks or Symbols to identify the organization. They Do not maintain any text or initials, so they have a unique brand identity thru their brand mark or logo symbol.

Examples are Apple, Twitter, Dominos, Nike & Starbucks etc.

4. Abstract logo mark

This type of logo has a combination of Wordmark or lettermark & Pictorial mark. This type of logo was made with text, graphics & icons. This is the total combination of text and graphics. The abstract logo was helpful when you design a logo and you want to add your organization name and some graphical effects it totally made for you.

These are some examples of Abstract Mark. (Adidas, Pepsi, Chanel)

5. Mascot

The mascot was a very unique type where you can create a character as a logos, that represents your work and identity. This type of logo was useful who want to target children or teenagers.

These types of logos are looks funny. These types of logos are very useful who have a food business like Pringles, Mr Peanut & KFC etc.

6. The combination mark

A combination mark was made by using the Monogram, Wordmark, Pictorial mark, Abstract mark & Mascot. In this type of logo, you can use all elements, graphics, icons & text OR initials. with the combination of all types of logos, you can create a combination mark.

Examples of combination marks are Burger King, Dove, Doritos & Lacoste etc.

7. The emblem

In the emblem, the logo considers the text on any symbol, icon or shape like badge-seal etc. If you want to create an emblem logo them two things you want to know first your logo has text & second is that your logo text was in shape. Shape and text made a perfect emblem logo.

This type of logo is mostly used by reputed companies like NFL, Starbucks & Harley Davidson etc.

Thank you, I hope now you have the best knowledge of different types of logos & this blog will really help you.

And now you are ready to choose the best design for your logo.

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